Why Choose Heritage?

Why Heritage?

Why Heritage?

Our Size

The size of our facility is truly fundamental to Caring at its Best. We have intentionally limited the building to a single story with 31 suites. Our size provides opportunities for socializing and developing friendships, yet is not so large that residents get lost in the crowd.

With a smaller number of residents, our staff has more personal time with each resident allowing them to know and appreciate each other better. Our size also provides theflexibility to accommodate special requests; such as a daughter baking cookies or planting flowers with her mother. We are hopeful that residents will continue to experience life's most treasured moments while living at Heritage.

Our Staff

An excellent staff is another important factor in providing Caring at its Best. Compassion and empathy are the highest priorities for prospective employees. The importance of respecting and maintaining each resident's dignity is emphasized during training. Many of our staff has been caring for our residents for 5 to 10 years. This experience provides consistency which leads to better care, a trusting relationship and greater resident satisfaction. Staff schedules allow extra time to spend with each resident beyond just attending to their basic needs.

Our Management

With decades of combined experience in health-care for seniors, we have found that more personalized care can be provided in a smaller, more intimate facility. Only when the resident, their family, our staff and management work together, can we provide Caring at its Best - treating others as we would choose to be treated.

What does Heritage offer?